Why Promote Others, With Your Email? Have you thought about Marketing with your own email domain name, which carries your company name on it. You will be automatically promoting your company. Your company name will be memory resident to everyone you communicate with on email.

What is a Domain Name? Imagine that everybody in the world used their National Identity number or there telephone number instead or there name… If names didn’t exist, you’d be forced to invent them, or you’d never be able to identify your closest friends, let alone casual acquaintances you’d met only a couple of times. Domain names were invented to fill a similar need on the Internet. Example: or

Why Should I buy a Domain Name? Domain Names build Credibility. If you are trying to do business on the web or email, a domain name is essential. It’s like the difference between setting up a stall in the corner of a warehouse you share with dozens of other stores, and owning your own store. So while you CAN be successful with free email / site or an ISP-hosted site, you CAN BE MORE successful with your “own” email / site with your “OWN DOMAIN NAME”.

How Much Does All These Cost? A Domain cost for registration is US$ 30.00 (Promotional Offer) with a annual rental of US$ 35.00 Per Year. Discounts avail able on annual rentals.

Rate Chart of our Services with your Domain name
  • POP3 Mail Network Users
  • Proxy Server Installation (Internet)
  • Proxy & Mail Network Users Installation
  • Web Site Hosting
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