ePrint Manager Softwares

Print Job Tracker 7.0 print management software is designed for businesses and education institutions of all sizes and provides centralized print management. Print Job Tracker 7.0 has simplified print management for print server (i.e. Windows print server) and non-print server environment (i.e. direct IP printer or workstation connected printer). It is an easy to use print management software that allows you to manage, control, monitor, track, count, audit, quota, restrict, log and report user printing across your entire network, eliminate wasted paper and reduce your printing costs.

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Print Release Station 6.0 is a print management software for libraries, schools, colleges and universities of low budget, where print jobs hold and release is centralized and unwanted print is restricted. Printing expenditure is brought down by charging for their patrons / students printing; best management of resources, reducing accidental paper wastage and abusive printing. Print jobs are kept on hold until released manually by student, patron staff or employee. Print Release Station 6.0 has proved fruitful for many libraries and education institutions to save unwanted printing cost.

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Copier Tracking System 2.0 is a powerful copier manager & copier counter that help simplify the administration of copier or MFC (Multi Functional Copier). It is an easy to use copier management software that allows you to monitor and track all copying activity, charge the copy jobs by entering the account number (PIN), control and authenticate who is copying, how much is being copied, analyze and identify the cost of copying and and eliminate wasted paper across your entire organization.

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Print Job Report 4.0 is a free tool for generating reports especially for analysis of printing / copying cost and client billing. Not only you can view but also generate 100 reports - 64 reports are default ones with option to customize 36 reports. These reports are compatible with print management software ( Print Job Tracker, Copier Tracking System and Print Release Station) and by remotely connecting this tool to your database (either MS Access or SQL) you can view reports from any computer in your network running on Windows platform.

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Print Polish Marker 1.0 print software can force a user name, computer name, day, time and page count to appear on footer or header area of printed document from all your applications! User can also create overlays and adds multi-line watermarks and watermark texts on each paper sheet.